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The Trachoma Story Kit - Introduction


Trachoma - What is it?

Trachoma is caused by infection and re-infection with the bacteria Chlamydia trachomatis and is the leading cause of infectious blindness in 59 of the world’s poorest countries.

Australia is the only developed country in the world to still have active trachoma in remote Indigenous communities. Trachoma is most often found in small children but scarring and in turned eye lashes are found in older people throughout the country. Trachoma persists in areas with poor personal and community hygiene.

Since being  launched in August 2010 around 700 Trachoma Story Kits are being used in a concerted effort to eliminate trachoma in Australia. They are being used in clinics, schools and community workplaces in the Northern Territory, South Australia, Western Australia, Queensland and New South Wales to provide clear and consistent messages about trachoma, how it is spread and how everyone can help to eliminate it.

The Trachoma Story Kit (2012) - is now a One- Stop- Shop for all work places in remote Indigenous communities and available for FREE.


In 2012 we reviewed The Trachoma Story Kit for Schools, Communities and Clinics and we improved the quality of many materials, updated the DVD of resources and combined three Kits into one new Kit, creating a ‘one-stop-shop’ for all settings.

 Old kits New kit


With assistance from The Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing we can now supply The Trachoma Story Kits at no cost.


The trachoma resources DVD showcases the creative work of communities and program partners over two years of concerted trachoma elimination in the NT. The health promotion message "Clean Faces, Strong Eyes" is brought to life in many remote communities with original songs, videos, television adverts and animations by well-known Indigenous artists, hip hop performers, children's television characters, and school children and adults from remote Indigenous communities

The new ‘one-stop-shop’ Trachoma Story Kit is suitable for all work place settings including clinics, schools, and community wide programs. It comes complete with trachoma clinical education and culturally specific, engaging health promotion resources.  The materials can assist Aboriginal Health Workers, clinical staff, teachers, pre-school and child care workers, environmental health workers and sport and recreation staff to educate and inform adults and children about trachoma, what it is, how it spreads and how to find, treat and eliminate trachoma in communities.

As well as standard trachoma health education tools such as flipcharts, posters, the World Health Organization trachoma grading card, the Trachoma Resource Book and a Trachoma Resources DVD; there are many creative and fun resources especially designed to actively engage kids and people in communities. These include temporary tattoos, goanna ink stamps, football hero posters, student booklets and chatterboxes.

Teachers and preschool staff in particular can play an important role in educating children about good health and holistic hygiene practices with routine hand washing and washing faces whenever they are dirty. We hope that you can use any or all of these resources to help eliminate trachoma by encouraging "Clean Faces, Strong Eyes" and holistic hygiene in your remote Indigenous community, school and clinic.