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Adapting the Resources: Style Guidelines

IEH encourage the wide spread use of and adaptations of the 'Check Today, See Tomorrow' resources, messages and related illustrations to raise awareness on Indigenous diabetes eye care. We hope to make the slogan, 'eye-con', 'sightline' and 'Associated Materials' as accessible as possible while still maintaining its visual presentation and re-enforcing its brand recognition and eye messages. A range of creative community adaptations of the messages and images can be developed and applied to promotional materials.

CTST adapting the resources

Example of adaptation: The 'Check Today, See Tomorrow' poster images can be replaced with images of local community members.

The 'Check Today, See Tomorrow' 'sightline' and 'eye-con' logo can be applied to t-shirts, wristbands, newsletters, posters, other promotional resources to promote diabetes eye care.

To preserve the full integrity of the 'Check Today, See Tomorrow' artwork and respect to all the communities associated with the development of it, IEH will retain artistic control over its use and ask that you read and follow the information outlined below.

CTST- style guidelines

Style Guidelines

for the correct use of the 'eye-con', 'sightline' and associated materials and images

CTST permission form

Permission Form for Use

for permission to use the 'eye-con', sightline' and associated materials and image

Return 'Permission Form for Use' to Indigenous-EyeHealth@unimelb.edu.au