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'Check Today, See Tomorrow' Resources

Diabetes Eye Care

The provision and utilisation of high quality services is fundamental to improve the eye health of Indigenous Australians. Diabetes along with cataract, refractive error and trachoma accounts for 94% of Indigenous vision loss and this represents up to 11% of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health gap.

Indigenous people with diabetes form 72% of those needing eye care each year so they are an essential group to engage with. Up to 98% of the vision loss from diabetes can be prevented with annual eye examinations and timely treatment. The Roadmap to Close the Gap for Vision provides a framework for eye health systems reform and includes particular emphasis on diabetes eye care and health promotion.

Indigenous Eye Health (IEH) at the University of Melbourne has undertaken an engaging, community-driven process to develop eye health promotion resources focusing on eye care for those with diabetes. The specific objectives of this work are to:

  1. Increase the awareness and knowledge of the prevention of diabetes related eye conditions and the importance of annual eye examinations
  2. Increase the awareness and knowledge of the availability and accessibility of eye health services
  3. Increase the knowledge and awareness of health professionals in prevention, identification and referral pathways for diabetes related eye health conditions
  4. Support and improve the capacity of organisations to deliver locally appropriate eye communication and awareness

DR community approach

Three regions were engaged in the development of the resources, these included the Kimberley, WA (remote), Grampians, Victoria (regional) and Deception Bay, SE Queensland (urban/metro) and each region had made progress in the Roadmap to Close the Gap for Vision. Consultation with these three communities has resulted in a community-led suite of health promotion and social marketing resources.  This includes a ‘Check Today, See Tomorrow’ diabetes eye care resource kit and a series of supporting multimedia resources that can be integrated into a variety of platforms.

'Check Today, See Tomorrow' Resource Kit

The 'Check Today, See Tomorrow' resource kit provides a starting point for health services and communities to integrate key eye messages into chronic care plans, programs and exiting social media platforms. The kit can be used as a tool to support health workers, nurses, doctors, diabetes educators and other primary care providers to deliver eye health messages to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people with diabetes and their carers.

The Check Today, See Tomorrow' resource kit is available to download or order.

Each 'Check Today, See Tomorrow' resource kit contains:

  • Diabetes Eye Care Brochures
  • Diabetes Eye Care Flipchart
  • Campaign Posters
  • Key messages/Adult Eye Check Card
  • Diabetic Retinopathy Screening Card
  • Diabetic Retinopathy Grading Course Flyer
  • Social Media Guide
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'Check Today, See Tomorrow' Multimedia Resources

These multimedia resources are available to view and/or download from our multimedia resources page.

Supporting the 'Check Today, See Tomorrow' resource kit is a series of diabetes eye care resource kit and key messages is a series of diabetes eye care multimedia resources including;

DR youtube video screenshots

IEH will support the implementation of the diabetes eye care resources and key messages in the regions that are currently engaged under the guidance of the Roadmap to Close the Gap for Vision.

The engagement of regions to coordinate local activities to promote diabetes eye care messages and to link with existing or new diabetes, eye health and/or other activities is important to provide a demand pressure to utilise the improved and coordinated service provision in the region.

This work will be important for ongoing engagement and empowerment of community members and it will help to bridge the gap between clinical intervention and improvements in eye health resulting from community driven strategies for Indigenous Australians.

For further suggestions and recommendations on how to use social media to implement the 'Check Today, See Tomorrow' resources in your health service and community please refer to the 'How-to-Guide', or alternatively, please contact IEH for support.

We also encourage further adaptations and tailoring of the resources to help acknowledge and respond to community needs (please refer to the 'Check Today, See Tomorrow' Style Guidelines on our website for more information).

If you have any questions regarding the kit, or you require further information or support, please contact us via email or phone (03) 8344 9320.